Wednesday, June 24, 2009


so, it's two days later and i realize now i must've had a fever the whole day we worked on this, which was 10am-7pm. when i got home i was in terrible shape shivers and sweats, now its 5am two days later and i had to call out of work for the first time in probably 4 years, yet i can't sleep. during the painting of this my body was aching, felt dizzy, but perservered because i didn't want to miss out and painting on the street is like my crack, i gotta do it. i'm addicted. don't think i did myself any favors tho, cause i'm paying the price now...ugg, on top of that wifey keeps tellin me i have the swine flu and need to be quarantined!

pictures from sage collective's south broad st wall

blessed day despite the multiple showers. s.a.g.e. getting it in for the trenton downtown association and of course the people of trenton and the citizens of earth. had two different camera crews, two photographers, one from the associated press all filming us. here's a few in progress flicks, kasso's still going back, i might as well to do a border up top all the way across.
old guy in process

dirty fly on the shittiest wood board with a leakin pipe next to it that kept drippin on me.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ian's Wall

luv1 in flemington. bringin' it to the burbs. probably the least menacing graff wall in new jersey and yet still got rolled up on a couple of times. to be expected, this is the first legit aerosol wall in the area. apparently there's a anti-graffiti ordinance, so i says to the po po, graffiti is by definition illegal, i have permission, that makes this aerosol art. we'll see if i gotta paint over it. so many people was givin luv tho, young to old, dentists, insurance agents, waiters, lawyers, bug guys, question of the day was.."why are you doing this?" stock answer estimated at..."i wanna bring color into the world bring public art to the people of my community." "r u getting paid? what do you get out of it" "i get to take my flick, i get to say that's me, i was here, what do think? and begin a dialog across generations and backgrounds about art in public spaces." will update the story if anything changes. i'm pretty happy i finally grew a pair about going around asking for walls, which i've been thinking about forever, mostly depending on other's spots, and landed one on my first day, third try. my hope is it will only build from here.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

rain week

rain week, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

new painting in this new obsessive overly colorful playful abstract style been doin lately. takes a lot of time, but looks like candy.

Friday, June 12, 2009

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Monday, June 8, 2009

just a test to see if a mobile upload worked from my new phone. finally got rid of my chocolatte, well actually had no choice the POS died on me yesterday. now i'm new and improved on the mobile front, so may see more activity goings ons

Thursday, June 4, 2009

wave over me

wave over me, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

new canvas done in a few days, the inspiration hit like a wave over me. been a minute since i held brushes and had this much fun. more on the way 4 sure