Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the wall that never got to live

SAGE collective, kasso and luv, painting outside the projects in Trenton, shut down down 3 hours in by the THA. strange, looking back now, the faces are all kind of sad like they knew what was going to happen. it was gonna be dope, ah well...colda been hellaworse. just had to buff it and that's it.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

obama canvas

new canvas done for my man shuska over in lichtenstein. 9ft x 12ft all aerosol no additives. 11/17-19/08 and cold as a muthafugger.

Friday, November 14, 2008

painting @ Inc. Magazine Headquarters with VS

found this on Rain's site, we did this about a year ago

ok, it's been a minute. gonna post a couple happenings that already happened and one that did not.

got sent to new orleans for work, but managed to escape a little one afternoon and take some flicks of street art and from a powerfull exhibition in a gallery in the arts district with my cell phone...

nothing crazy, wish i'd found the bansky pieces.

part of a show going on @ the Trenton Public Library called Bookworms put on thru Leon Rainbow and Albus Cavus. here's some of the books, they can be purchased at Jersey Graf in red papermonster, below luv one, rudolph sgod, next to that is plan aka delve

did a quickie by the tracks @ home, crappy cell phone pic, gonna go back, clean it up and take a better one.

LAstly on 11/21st in NYC on the 18th street pavillion I'll have a couple paintings in a show in mid town, check it out, and these r the pieces