Sunday, August 23, 2009

jersey fresh jam cancelled day

luv1 and ras, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

jersey fresh jam was postponed because of rain to the next day, a day i had to work, so i went down to trenton and got it in in the rain. so did some other people. here are some flicks of what was supposed to be the day of the jam. damn hurricane bill...

jersey fresh monster joiner of my two sections. was gonna bookend the ras piece, but the space given didn't fit my plans, so had to go up top. both monsters designed with my son. a lot fun, 'specially the one on the left. will definately be doing this kind of silliness again

another flick of the monster jus 'cause i'm pleased with it
bronx team, not sure who, let me know if you
some dude from philly, same as the last
bronx team
papa ree aka opel
sue on the 3d
donno, but it's niiice
mek and fua crew

pro's trowie claiming his spot for the next day and the luvmonster 1 more time....

Sunday, August 16, 2009

edgewood mural in washington dc

nose delve luv1 demer kasso
sage side, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

had a great time painting with some good peoples. helluva day with circus ice cream trucks selling food, dj's, people coming thru all day. many thanks to peter and asad from albus cavus for putting it on and for the invite. pose 2 and chor boogie were most def doing their thing.

s'more flicks...

kasso and rain getting it in
best shot i could get of my thelonius monk 'cause of the damn green box
nose and delve making magic
mr. maxx moses

look at all that paint!! big ups chor boogie

Thursday, August 13, 2009

def poetry jam mixtape

Def Poetry vs a buncha others... by jaquel

Def Poetry Jam Mix from awhile back, 911 era...

Steve Coleman
Jonzie Dee
? lost the info on the instumental breakbeak due to a computer crash
Nappy Roots
John Coletrain
The Clash
Total Science

if anyone has info please get at me

Sunday, August 9, 2009

spanish fly

spanish fly, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

first of many. these are for recreational purposes only...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

aug 22nd jersey fresh jam

i will be painting aug 22nd jersey fresh jam in trenton. props to leon rainbow...

edgewood mural in dc coming soon!!

gettin' real excited about the walls coming up.
on aug. 15th edgewood mural in dc. major props to albus cavus for puttin it 2gethr. artists include myself, pose 2 aka mr. maxx moses, chor boogie, peter k, decoy, rain, delve, kasso, and a whole bunch more...