Thursday, May 28, 2009

new vid

letter from princeton

Dear luv1,

Dr. West and I just reviewed your magnificent painting and youtube video. We were deeply moved by your art and love. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please send a phone number that Dr. West can call you directly. We would also love to have a signed print.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Otis Redding is my jam these days. can't get enough. i have heard him throughout my life, but something these days just kicks me in the gut like never before. guess i heard him but never listened. with a lack of time and resources for walls this month i decided to rock a backyard production of him on canvas. this is the turnout. workin on a video with captures of the process, just not as exciting as a wall tho. we'll see. btw, yes, it is for sale, easily shipped unstretched and rolled. make an offer

SAA mural

ok, said i was back n then didn't post anything the whole month. reason why is a tremendous waste of time called facebook where i've been spending to much time on. not much went down really.

on may 15th me and a dozen volunteer painted a mural to raise money for a local art center, the ages of my helpers ranged from 5 to 50 and was a whole latta fun. here's a still and a vid of it...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

jazz wall - sage collective

jazz wall - sage collective, originally uploaded by Love is Kind.

been a little while, had two computers go out in the midst of a internet blackout enforced by the cable company, guess you gotta pay the bill to keep it on, who knew? got a virus on the one 'puter that wiped my ish out. lost all my art files from like forever. tragic. no hi rez nuthin, just internet pegs. ahhh well. god bless my talented father in law for getting the thing to run again 'cause ain't no tellin how long it've taken to fork out the chedder for a new one.

that said, only walls acomplished are the stevie below and this jazz wall. the jazz wall was done on a freak 90something degree day in april. seemed like a great idea to get out in the sunshine and do a wall. weird, soakin in the sunshine didn't feel so great after a few hours. now i can deal with some heat, but on the first day of sun to have that much, my fuckin pores were sucking up a post winter quench of vitamin d like the sun was never coming out again, and hey, did you know too much d can be poision, 'specially to us euros, yeah i think i was right there 'cause i felt like crap for a couple days. i've had worse sun burns but never felt like that. needless to say my mind wasn't on painting after awhile, just wanted to get the fukouttadodge. kasso's all taking his time trying to scrape a jem outta 12 scrap cans, and i'm buggin him saying, i gotta go man. to make matters worse the wall we chose is this corragated metal that was just imposible to make clean with the rusto i was using, and the angles get lost, the day was like ugg! the wall, not bad considering.