Friday, December 18, 2009

Yonkers Wall

Got an email from Pose2 with some finished joiners of the wall we did up in Bonkers NY. Click on the flicks to enlarge. Pose's blog says the wall is 500 ft, to me it seemed even bigger. my part was 20ft tall, and Aja's to the right of me was even taller. She gets mad respect for doing all that wall with brushes! She got courage to be the only female and brush painter there. Tried to get her to hold some black lak for outlines, not interested, one day...
Top fick is Pose2's. Middle one is Rolo. Then left to right on the bottom one is
Luv One
Aja Washington

Pose is freakin nice, ohmagawd! Truely concrete alchemy! Absolute respect. Thnx 4 gettin' us up

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


SAGE for NJTL, originally uploaded by el U Vee 1.

had a great time painting this with KASSO for NJTL of Trenton, a not4profit that teaches kids tennis, tudors them, and gives them scholarships, it was founded by Arthur Ashe. The kid I painted is Jamir, he's super smart and bound for greatness.

SAGE Collective's Arthur Ashe Mural from luv1 on Vimeo.