Tuesday, July 31, 2012

with JOS-L

LUV1 JOS-L by eL hue V
LUV1 JOS-L, a photo by eL hue V on Flickr.

in New Brunswick. Respect due to the stylemaster DONDI!

Friday, July 6, 2012

GuGa: Cafe Series No. 1: LUV1

Montclair Times
Had an art opening last night up in Monclair, NJ at the fabulous Red Eye Cafe.  The above clipping is from the Monclair Times.  On exhibit were 8 of my Recycled Advert Art pieces, curated, hung and framed by Guerilla Galleries.
Stan and Christine
First class all the way, it was truely a pleasure to work with Stan and Christine from GuGa.  Many thanks to everyone who came out to the opening, especially fellow artists and friends DEMER, and Joe :01.  Joe's bird stencils at the cafe are pretty cool too.  Oh yeah, go see the art, ok, but also try the food, OMG, I had a turkey, pear, and brie sandwich that was BANGING (not just saying that b/c my art is up there either...de-lish)
Cafe Series No.1: LUV1
"Hot Cocoa" (top) and "Darker the Berry" (bottom)
Cafe Series No.1: LUV1
"Burning Time" (top) "Pipe Organ" (bottom)
Cafe Series No.1: LUV1
from L to R "Calm", "Gut Grinder," and "Herbal"
Cafe Series No.1: LUV1
"Spirit of Competition"
Joe :01