Thursday, December 8, 2011

mad luv

mad luv by eL hue V
mad luv, a photo by eL hue V on Flickr.
spray paint, paint marker, marker on digital collage print on canvas.

the face is a young native american boy I drew many years ago and have used in the past as stickers and wheatpastes, it actually was the first portrait I did in spray. the drawing was done during my kids stay in the hospital, being my son is part black foot, it had personal meaning beyond an affinty for native culture and people. the expression took on a channeling for my frustration with my lack of power in the situation and it's bleekness, yet hope evident in the slight curl of smirkyness on the edges of the mouth. that hope the determination of the human spirit to proliferate and thrive even in the most uphill beatdown positions.

in short, this piece is a bridging of past with present in many different ways to me. 8"x10"

native love t
luv stik
raritan river 1st
ironic, my first portrait in spray sidebusted the VS Crew using their buff! didn't even know the people behind that roll call PRO, PLAN, and KASSO

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