Sunday, June 17, 2012

Art All Night

Art All Night by eL hue V

I had a great time painting under the blacklights at Art All Night in Trenton at the Roebling Wire Factory.  I met so many people and really enjoyed getting to talk with so many different kinds of people and observe their responses to my work.  One of the highlights would be all the kids who would come in and ask questions very curious about how I got the paint to light up, I heard many as they walked away saw "this was my favorite" which is awesome to be that at such a large art event.  Honestly based on the pure innocense of their appreciation for art I probably repsect a child's taste more than an "expert's". 


Another highlight was when a woman was asking me which paintings in the room I did and I told her the face above.   She said she saw a flick of it on Instagram and that's what got her to come to event.  Apparently this did a bit of a viral run, because after that I heard several people mention, oh I saw this one on Instagram. 

Than there's the old guy.  I was so excited to see him under the blacklight, but he did not look as good as in regular light.  Dissapointing, but it's always a gamble, you don't really know how it'll look until you get under the blacklight, unless you paint it there, and than you're not sure how it'll translate back to daylight. 

The whole event was great.  Thanks to Leon Rainbow for organizing.

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