Saturday, January 14, 2012


Tebow by eL hue V
Tebow, a photo by eL hue V on Flickr.

Thoughts on Tim Tebow ... A customer came in yesterday, who I've known for a number of years. She's from MA originally and I remember from the 2008 election, she's a Republican and a Christian, she backed Romney over McCain, but said the only thing she didn't like was his Mormonism. All this led to the following conversation around the game coming in a few hours.
"you think your Pats are going to be okay this weekend?" I asked. She smiles, clearly impressed I remember where she's from and that the whole family is into the Patriots (she stopped coming in three or four times a day in the 08 recession), "I hope so." "Better watch out, he's got God on his side," I lay down with a good amount of sarcasm she fails to pick up on. "You know, I don't root for anyone else, but if we had to lose to someone, I'd be glad it was him." and I know why, and it's not enough to say he's Christian, he's her kind of Christian. When Obama was running, she wasn't on his side, he is a Christian. Matter of fact she'd push her negative opinions of him onto me unprovoked. She liked the Mormon remember? Tebow, from what I understand, is one of those "family values" conservative christians who omit the whole Jesus ate with Roman tax collectors, good samaritan thing and prefer to scapegoat those in vulnerable numbers and different cultures and focus on gods wrath instead of gods love. Btw, eye of the needle guys. Every time he wins a miraculous win, he adds fuel to the fire of the Brimstone believers. I see this I want to be the adversary to big Tim. I want to draw a line in the sand and say their faith and my faith are not the same. But a few days ago I read an article written clearly against Tebow and felt the polar opposite. I hear a lot of people hating on him because of his beliefs. I have to admit, being a person who writes LUV in an aggressive personality arena, the amount of courage and conviction to be in such a bad boy sport and play the choir boy is very admirable. And I think of a verse from a Common song on religion that I hold dear "long as you know there's a being that's supreme to you, you let that show towards others and the things you do." There was a roundtable on ESPN before the Bulls vs Celtics game yesterday about sports and Martin Luther King where a woman said the most segregated hour in our country is every Sunday when we all go to our different houses of worship, she said the most united is Super Bowl Sunday. Well I'm not so sure this year lol. But honestly, when I heard the guy talk for himself, like after beating another customer of my store's team, except literally (Mark Sanchez), Tebow seemed to praise his teammates just as much as big upping GOD. Watching him interact with them he didn't seem to be pushing any anti-abortion, anti-immigration anti-gay anti-everything except corporate money and the word, just the word, not thee "word", Jesus on anyone. Listen, I'm going to take the stance that the guy just believes and I'm not going to fault him for that. I'm going to stand under the same doing right for goodness's sake umbrella and hope he can pull off another miracle. Because the man plays without fear and all heart and it's fun to watch, besides my Bears have long been out. I hope his hail mary's land in perfect view for all his haters to see! Sick of seeing Tom Brady win anyways. Go Tebow !

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