Friday, January 20, 2012

cold rockin

SAGE Collective
Me and KASSO decided to take advantage of the bareable temps and rock a lil' sumtin for the community.  It's an abandoned lot where a building was demolished and now is like a giant toilet for the local animals, the last part we didn't know until we got on location.  Here's a peek at what lay every every few inches at various stages of detioration (your welcome for sharing)

I brought an empty squeeze bottle of dish detergent and mixed acrylic and water and had fun squirting colors and slanging paint combining with layers of tags and scrawl for the background.  In the end I like what came of it, tho as always feel it could've been batter.  Hard to concentrate standing in shit, among other complications of the day that thankfully turned out alright. 
first wall of twennytwelve
Thanks to Sean at Cali Bound for coming out and filming us...check it

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