Thursday, November 17, 2011

Shout Outs to the Namesake

My recent interactions with Sage Francis reminded me of this post I've been wanting to do for awhile where I put up others with like names.  Writing a name like love, obviously there are a lot of other people with similar names. Yes, I agree, I do not win any points for originality.  Makes it even more obnoxious that I put a one behind it like I'm the one and only because I spell it like the non romantic LUV, the one is more about the oneness of said LUV being expressed, nahmean? Like Bob Marley jo.  Thing about love is, tho, I am not in competition with others for the name.  I just look at it as we are all trying to spread love.  Same team, family, cuzzo type thing.  So when I come across another positive soul, I've always made a mental note to one day shout 'em out.  Today's day one....

First up is Lovepusher, on that 3d for a higher power steez
Lovepusher action shot. 2007.

Next up is Amour, my bruva from a Parisian muva

By Amour

up next is a crew LoveLetters big fan of CHAS, dude is sick wit it our neck of the woods..
Checking the doors

click the links, learn 'em up, lots of great art there.  to be continued...

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