Monday, October 17, 2011

Highland Sfumato

welder close up by eL hue V
welder close up, a photo by eL hue V on Flickr.
I had the pleasure of painting over football field length of walls with my fellow SAGEs on 10/8-10/9 at the Highland Design Farm.  The assignment was to continue from the theme of last year's Highland Sentinal but to have the murals somewhat match the artisans inside.  So, jewels and wires, earth and birds for the naturalist and jeweler.  Da Vinci and designs for the classical artist, whose building is yet to be completed.  And a welder facing the Highland Design shop where Sean Mannix's creations come to life.
luvz bird
here's me working on a poofball kinglet, about 80%.  Below is a stitch of all the buildings
finished, to see more flicks from the event visit my flickr or watch the videos below...
Highland Design Farm 2011

Here's an ad S.A.G.E. made for Liquitex who were nice enough to help us out with a box full of freestyle brushes, which by the way are very nice.  Below is the official SAGE video from the weekend, complete with interview snippets of all crew members.  Check it out!  Please share and enjoy!  Big ups Sean's mom for hooking up the apple pie!

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