Sunday, March 7, 2010

Building With Greed - DJ Shadow vs Sweet Honey In The Rock

I was watching a tribute to Howard Zinn last week and Bernice Johnson Reagan of Sweet Honey in the Rock came on and sang this song that really reached me. As I was hearing it I thought how it might fit with the classic DJ Shadow song "Building With a Grain of Salt." I recorded her singing on my celli extracted the audio, from there I had the video half way already, so threw in some past art I did back in Chicago in 01ish with Von (Homeless) and Chantala Kommanivahn in a book called "1984, Who's In Charge Here?" that I got at a thrift shop for $.25, also some other random images some art by me some googled and borrowed... lol, Enjoy!

"If you're wondering if you're infected with greed, then this song you really need..."

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