Thursday, July 30, 2009

cake magazine editorial

Last winter I was asked to write something for a magazine called Cake on my thoughts on street art, here's what came out...soon to get published...

Hiya Edward,

Here's some random thinking about street art, not sure if this is what you had in mind, let me know...

In the beginning art was for the people, by the people. Whoever decided on this classist aristocratic system we have for art got it wrong. Art serves best those depraved of life's beauty. In the hand of wealth art is for the most part at best pomp and fluffery. In the hands of the struggling masses art is a god send uplifting their experiance and giving them voice. Street artist all over the world, the so- called starving artists, are seeking their own work in much the same way youths from the Bronx did in the late 70's. They are refusing to have their lives determined by others to amount to nothing. They seek their own worth. Fame is not something they are anointed with by some fat cat holding all the cards. Thru their own guts and determination they claim their own stature. The people of the pavement proclaim freedom to have their voices be heard, have their efforts be seen, with or without the consent of corporate interest and nay sayers. Risking life and bondage to speak to their audience directly. Let the walls of galleries be filled with out dated concepts and rehashed techniques. Let the walls of offices be filled with prints of yesterdays masters. And let the walls of our cities be filled with the glorious energy and spirit of our still and very much alive youths, screaming out "we are here!"


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