Wednesday, February 4, 2009

r.i.p. yukon

had to put down my dog of 11 years a few days before new years, this is my dedication to him. wanted to do it in the snow for the flick. man, it was cold, first my fingers, then my toes, the the paint was acting all funny. all worth it now that i'm back home nice and warm.
he was a good boy. when i got him, from a freind who'd just moved to the city and didn't have room for both his dogs, i was surprised he was so calm. my friend told me the story of how he got him. there was a dog breeder he worked for in upstate ny on his farm. one day the farmer was going to shoot yukon for eating one of his chicken, my friend saved him and took him home. the farmer wasn't the best owner. he tied yukon to a pole for his first 6 months of life, then when yukon got free and attacked his chickens, he tied him to a dog house for his next 6 months of life, and obviously my friend interjected in the next time yukon got free. he had clearly been beaten because he was such a timid kinda sad animal. maybe this was also because he was blind, cateracts in both eyes.
when i lived in Weicoff Heights next to Bushwick he was known all over the block as the dog who could pee the whole block. he'd leave a weaving zig zag all up n down the sidewalk. he outlived his 5 puppies, two of whom were in my friends posessions. one got hit by a car, and another ate rat poision.
when we lived in chicago, i'd walk him without a leash all the time and he'd always come when i'd call. we daily would go to a park and he'd explore while i'd draw or read, sometimes i'd look up and wouldn't see him and my heart would freeze and i'd start whistlin finatically a bit paniced but he'd always come, somtimes he'd come back dirty, but he came back. he was pretty old and had cancer in his testies and bladder and an enlarged prostate. he was leakin all day long and it wasn't your normal pee, it was very rank and toxic. it was a hard decision, but it wasn't going to get any prettier. we loved him very much and he is missed.

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